Adherence Requires More Than Reminders and Tracking

Non-adherence to medication is a worldwide problem leading to high patient dropout rates, poor health outcomes and increased healthcare costs (1). Statistically, the figures show that nearly one in two patients do not adhere to the treatment prescribed to them, which results in billions of extra dollars spent on hospitalization (2, 3). In order to solve this increasing problem, many companies have turned to mobile technologies to remind and nudge patients to take their medication. These interventions are often based on the assumption that patients simply forget to take their medication, but forgetfulness is only a small part of the picture leading to non-adherence behavior. In this article, we explain why current strategies based on mere forgetfulness fail to solve the problem adequately. The multifactorial approach that we propose is rooted in behavioral psychology and called the Behavioral Mode of Action™ (BMOA™).