We supplement all phases of your development processes with a solid foundation of expert behavioural tools

Companies spend enourmous resourcers to get to know their customers - the cultural horisonthal dimension.
At the same time they may have little or no understanding of the human vertical foundation they design for.
— Rune Nørager, CEO, d.psy

Where are you in the design process?








How may we be of service?

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Customer & user insights

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Design strategy

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Design specification

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Development & implementation

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Design control

Cases / projects


Patient support program for insulin

To accompany drugs in insulin and obesity treatment d.psy designed Patient Supporr Programs. Our deliveries consisted of:

1)… a strategic behavoural analysis

2) Bheacvioural design drivers

3) Content production. Web, SMS, Text and graphics.


Future design trends for Ostomy products

Based on our deep understanding of the medico, care-ware and pharma domain we used our design driver tools to outline