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Human Centered Design expert toolbox

- our expert supplement to exploratory process driven innovation

user and human centered design

You are likely familiar with User Centered Design, UCD. Typically, design agencies have their own unique depiction of UCD although they are fundamentally the same.

In addition to UCD, at designpsychology, we have a Human Centered approach (HCD). Where UCD is mainly a process driven approach HCD is rooted in an expert analytical approach that draws on factual insights from behavioral psychology. A HCD perspective adds critical input to the design process. Essentially, relevant insights can be delivered in product development 1) earlier, 2) more systematic, 3) more concrete and 4) based on validated knowledge. Also, HCD provides development teams with a shared explicit and professional language to identify and communicate relevant aspects of the interplay between people and the products (and services).


Where many have successfully adopted UCD few have managed to successfully integrate behavioral psychology tightly into product development. The places it does happen, psychology tend to be used only as a descriptive loose backdrop that does not substantially qualify design.

At designpsychology we wanted to do more and fully integrate psychological theory in an explicit and directive way. Unfortunately, psychological theories seldom lend themselves very well to product design. An operational link is needed to bridge the two worlds. To accomplish that we have refined a number of analytical design driver tools. They are the backbone of our proprietary Human Centered Design toolbox that enables an expert-driven, directive approach to technology development. 



Most of our clients are well experienced with UCD, front end user research and product testing. They have also worked with capable design agencies for years. However,  they are still surprised to learn just how much psychology has to offer and the fundamentally new perspectives our tools can shed on well-explored product design issues. Also, they are happy about the tool-nature of our approach that enables them to integrate HCD as part of their own in-house competencies. That fit well with our agenda to communicate part of our methodology with each project we contribute to.

If you want to learn more about our expert tools, we have seminars on a regular basis. Topics and dates are available in our ux::Campus section. We are also happy to give a talk at your next company event or tailor a seminar that fits your team needs and product line.